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The Molten Blues Band is new age electric blues


Upcoming Shows

sat 07/15/2017

The Stage

Mission Firefight benefit

Sat 07/31/2017

Silverdale concert Hall

Reckless Toy Run 

Fri 10/12/2017 

the Eagles (Blues Society)

w/ Deception

Thurs 11/23/2017

​ ​Bob’s​ ​Steakhouse​ ​in​ ​Aldergrove -8pm


Fraser Valley Music Awards

The Stage 

Sat 11/25/2017

Fraser Valley Music Awards

Abbotsford Center

Sat 1/25/2018

Abbotsford BC ( Brothers Bowling and Billiards)

w/ Rockland Moran

33550 South Fraser Way, Abbotsford, British Columbia V2S 5G7, Canada

+1 604-776-2695

Sat 1/25/2018

Hard Rock Casino Vancouver Asylim Lounge 8pm

 Please ensure anyone needing a reservation makes one by calling 604-516-7121. 

Sat 1/25/2018

Sat 1/25/2018